Wall Stadium Speedway Impending Lease Renewal
      Announcement Tops Exciting List of Events in
       Coming Weeks at Historic Jersey Shore Oval


  Wall Stadium Speedway has been on a good run lately. The car counts for most of the divisions has either held steady, or grown. There has been an influx of young, exciting driving talent, and even Mother Nature seems to be a fan after early season struggles with the weather.
  However, one thing has hung over the historic Jersey Shore oval like the rain clouds that took away the first few weeks of the 2014 race season. The question of the lease renewal between the promoters, and the owners of the property. A question that is extremely concerning to both the competitors, and the fans, of a track that has already been returned from the dead several times over the past several seasons.
  While it is common knowledge the current agreement expires at the end of this year what wasn't known was the intentions of both the owners of the property, and the promoters, the Krause family. has been in contact with the promoters throughout the ongoing negotiations, and is happy to report a lease renewal announcement should be coming soon.
  Throughout the negotiations it has always been the Krause family's intentions to keep the speedway open. After all, it has become like a second home for them, and they have become close friends, quickly, to many of the people who have been around the track for most of their lives. They have also invested a lot of their own money, and time, into the facility to not only keep it open, but to try to help it grow.
  The only questions were what did the owners want to do, and how much would they ask, monetarily, to continue to allow the Krause family to operate it.
  The result of those negotiations looks to be a new one year deal, which should be signed shortly, while both parties work toward a possible longer deal in the near future.
  While a one year lease renewal is certainly not the best news Wall Stadium Speedway competitors, and fans, could hear it is still a positive sign for a track that has had it's share of negatives.
  It is also the first of many exciting announcements the track has planned for the rest of the season. In fact, August of 2014 may go down as one of the best months, ever, at Wall.
  The month starts on August 2nd with it's $5,000 to win Modified race which is already drawing Turkey Derby-like interest. A number of teams who only travel to the Garden State on Thanksgiving weekend are considering making an earlier trip for a shot at this great purse. With an already impressive list of talent racing in the Downs Ford Modified division, the addition of some top "outsiders" could make this event tough to even qualify for.
  As great as the first weekend of August will be, the second should be historic, and talked about for years to come. The Salute to Champions Night will not only be special because of those in attendance, but with the addition of a very special car, which will reveal shortly. Trust us, if you are a race fan you will want to be at Wall on August 9th.
  The past champions expected to be on hand will be a very special group. All have won at least five championships at the track. The group includes Tony Siscone, Gil Hearne, Dave Michel, Rich Mongeau, Kevin Eyres, and Chas Okerson. Also expected to be on hand will be the families of Parker Bohn, and Ray Gastelu.
  The excitement continues on August 17th with a very special Sunday show. On this day Monster Trucks, and Demolition Derby action, will take over the track's infield. Four Monster Trucks are expected to compete, while there will also be one special equipped truck with seats for fans to take a ride in on the track. Track management was happy to share that they have already received enough commitments from competitors that there will be both an eight-cylinder, and a four-cylinder division in the Demolition Derby portion of the show.
  Saturday, August 23rd looks to be a special night at Wall Stadium Speedway as well. First Responders Night will see Twin-35 lap feature races for the Wall Mods with special sponsorship by the NYFD. There will also be an appearance by a 1969 Dukes of Hazard Charger, and track management is looking for a way to allow some first responders to race against each other to close out the night.
  There is certainly a lot of exciting news coming out of a track many feared was lost just a few short years ago, not the least of which is the lease renewal. New Jersey racers, and fans, should be thankful to the Krause family for all they have done, and the best way to repay them is to support the speedway. Make it to as many shows as you possibly can. Tell your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, about the great things happening there. Better yet, bring them to see for themselves. And who knows, maybe at this time next year we will be able to report the signing of a multi-year lease so we can all enjoy Wall Stadium Speedway for many years to come.           

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