Freedom 76 Rainout Leaves Difficult Decision for
               New Jersey Race Teams and Fans



  When rain forced the management of Grandview Speedway to postpone their $25,000 to win Freedom 76 event to this Saturday, September 20th, it left many with a tough decision.
  What, last weekend, looked like the ultimate cooperation among three dirt tracks, Grandview, New Egypt Speedway, and Bridgeport Speedway, has turned into a quandary this weekend as the Freedom 76 rain date is also the date of one of the biggest races of the year at New Egypt, the Second Annual All Star Cup Shootout.
  The plan looked perfect last weekend, both New Egypt, and Bridgeport had given their headlining Modified divisions the night off to allow them to compete at Grandview. Fans were also going to benefit from this plan as well, as it would allow them the opportunity to see two big races, with the biggest names in the Northeast, on consecutive weekends. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn't seem to be a dirt racing fan.
  With both Grandview, and New Egypt's plans set in stone a choice must be made this weekend by both race teams, and fans alike. New Jersey race teams must decide do they travel to Pennsylvania, and compete against a field filled with not only regulars, but strong "outsiders" as well, to try to capture the prestigious Freedom 76, and the $25,000 that comes with it, or do they stay in the Garden State, and run for a chance at $10,000 at New Egypt?
  New Jersey race fans may also have to choose between what has been a yearly trip to Grandview to see a race they have been going to for many years, or to stay closer to home for a race in only it's second year?
  Both tracks will certainly put on great shows. Both will be well-run, with exciting action all night. The only unfortunate aspect for everyone involved is that you can't do both.
  For more on New Egypt Speedway's All Star Cup Shootout, including some great pre-race activities for the fans, be sure to check out our New Egypt Speedway News Page.
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